What's in the BONUS Package?

  • Nutrition Quick Chats Core Course

    Full access to the entire Nutrition Quick Chats core course, along with the full workbook, downloadable resources and patient care handouts, and 4 practice case studies.

  • Handbook of Guided Questions

    A complete packet of motivational interviewing questions you can use right away to keep your counseling sessions engaging and productive.

  • Case Study Bonus Pack

    4 additional clinical case studies, including a workbook and video explanations to help you understand the fundamentals of Nutrition Quick Chats.

  • MNT Patient Education Handouts

    A full 10 pack of clinical care handouts to use as you're doing nutrition eds. When your patient is ready nutrition support, these handouts will help.

2 Other Ways to Join Nutrition Quick Chats

Choose the package that gives you exactly the amount of support you're looking for.